saying goodbye to the one that was taken

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i went into my room
and on the edge of my bed i sat
you were taken in a second darling
you always loved when i called you that

we had a love that people saw
even though sometimes you were scared
but between you and i there it was
a love that under our eyes was bared

you never knew what to do
when we we jioned at night
i woke and never saw your face
in the morning light

you used to cry after our fights
bury your face in my chest
id hold you tight and whisper
kiss your hair that was all messed

we'd drive downtown in your car
youd hold my hand and sing
id laugh and beat on the dashboard
and that warm feeling you would bring

you were scared and you used to push
and try not to get to close to me
but holding my hand the next day
you would definitly be

but ive found someone brand new
and my love for her consumes me
so goodbye i say to you farwell
in my heart youll always be


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That's a beautiful poem. Sad,

That's a beautiful poem. Sad, but beautiful.