Second Book: 'Geography Club- by Brent Hartinger'

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Ok guys, there it is- good luck with the finding and reading! Come back here for the discussions whenever you've finished.

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i love that book

that book is good.kinda short though.i read it sometime ago.

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Is it shorter than Boy meets

Is it shorter than Boy meets Boy?

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Cool! Brent Hartinger is coming to speak at my school in a couple of months- our GSA invited him!
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i cant get it anywhere...damn

i cant get it anywhere...damn, someone can fill me in if its really good i could always order it. im too skint right now.

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good book

Yeah, it is shorter than boy meets boy... Its a good read but there is one part that kinda gets ya angry... me and my friend were really into the book and when the guys went to do.... "something"... it just basically said... "And what we did.. that was our buisness" My friend was like.... NOOOOOO! but then again... he is a Horny guy.. and he wanted details.. lol.. but we both loved the book... its a great fast read. but, i would really recomend the book to people who arnt sure of their sexuality.. because it doesnt get hot and heavy... its also a tear jurker.. if your into crying at stuff.

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is it mainly a boy book then?

is it mainly a boy book then?

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I absolutely <3'd this book... though being me I shed quite a few tears in the process of reading it :-s