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Hey guys, no there's no need to stop your discussions on Book One- but I feel as though I neglected this for a while (and huge thanks to the people who just kept it up!)So if anyone has any ideas aboutthe second book to read- post it here. I'm already hearing support for Boy Meets Boy, but we need all the other contenders here too- just to keep track.

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Another book I think should be read

Has anyone ever read the book Dream Boy? It was made in 1996 but it looks like a totally loving and endearing story about two boys who happen to find love within each other. Look it up at barns and nobles site if your unaware of it, I think its a contender.

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how about Eight seconds.....

how about Eight seconds..... its about a "red-neck" comming out over the corse of a summer, and, reasonably well writen

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Boy Meets Boy is Fun

I love boy meets boy. One book I haven't read is Geography Club. My school's GSA invited the author to come to speak at our school- and I think I should read his book sometime soon.
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i read a book called JACK and its pretty good. the style sort of reminded me of catcher in the rye. its about a teenage boy whos father comes out to him and how he struggles with it and what he goes through at school etc. just a suggestion but i dont remember the author.

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Ok guys- the poll is up. Plea

Ok guys- the poll is up. Please vote!

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