Sick Puppy

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O.K. so I am training this new guy at my work. I played
asstiant manager. He has been working since Friday
and told one of the girls that he might like me.
Even thought me and T (are residental gay girl) have been
hanging out a lot and she said she was so glad I
came to work together. She was my cooridanter and
then I was manager and then I had two guys working
the wrapper position and and prep in the back
when I got one of the other girls on my staff list
to come in and then that when she came up and said when we got
a break B (the girl I got to come in) wanted me
to go out side with her and smoke. She was smoking
and I was watching. She said that J( my prep guy)
said he might like me like-like me and I was like
wtf? what is like-like is that something I am suppose to know
you either like a person as in friend or something more
and he knows I like girls almost everyone at work
knows I do the only one who doesnt is T and she said
she didn't care about anyone's sexuality because
even hers was questionable on some days. So no has really
said much about who I like and who I don't like and she
hasn't been listen. I like her but I don't know if
we could get along well to date we tease and maybe
thats to much. We flirt sometimes but we don't cross
that line.