Someones playing

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Well my sis Jesse has decide I need someone in my
life and he and her husband just got a roomate and
I am not going to comment on him because I have also
know him half my life and I don't think he is interested in me.
I wouldn't know how to act if he was. I don't know
anyways she is trying to get him to be in my life
in a romantic way.
Then of course this weekend they are leaving to
go to her husbands grandmothers funeral. I am sad
that they had to go but she said it was for the
better that she wasn't remember anything anymore
and had just broke her hip and was just laying
there withering away Anyways on to something more
I was with V and Kelly when V gave her the ring.
She started crying. He did the whole down on one
knee all romatic except we have an aduince. I had just
happened to be there and he is the kind of person
who is to nice to tell people to just leave so
I accidently saw it but he said thats o.k. because
that means that I know its for real and that they
love each other. Like I would think any less of him than
to love her I see it when they are around each other
and when they are not. Meation one and the other
lights up.