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Well I can't even think of anything perplexing or interesting or odd to talk about, honestly. But in any case to make a point of presence, and wanting to get to know eveyrone I need to make myself known. What better way than to write a journal entry? But anyways I should at least try to find something interesting to talk about. One thing I have been particularly intrigued about is the photo thing section of everyones account. Is it unadvisable to add photos to them? Or is it hard to meet standards or something? I haven't really found anyone with pictures in there section, maybe I naive or something, but I just think it would be nice to see some of ya's.
God, honestly I feel so stupid posting this but I want to have something to do and I find that reaching out is something I lack in my community and I can do that here, so I don't want to pass up the potential opertunity to become something in a community that some people can't even mention without hatred.
So I promiss I'll have more interesting things to say sometime. :)


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I agree

I agree. That something was very intriguing

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"