Spring Cleaning sorta

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I decided to finally go ahead and look into the box I
brought from the storage thing months ago it seems like
it seems like I wanted to get another one because
the house (apartment) isn't big enought to hold
all this clutter. Its poem and journal entrys
some are good some could use some work with
me begin older and know what I want to say know.
Like I have one here that I want to work on then
post here its called my world in 3-d I'll post the
orginal and then the n ew version. Simple to get them
some where and see if anyone likes them.
I am so sleeply and I am not feeling good again.
And I am tired of work and if I could stay home and
get money I'd love it. Really since if I could
get the money or more than what I am begin paid.
It would really be nice. I set up some stuff for
my GSA to do at there school and some volunteer
work that we said we would do. We have a stuff we
said we would do and as bad as I feel I have to go help
those kids set up for a silent bidding tonight.We
are having a sale tonight for a dinner and then
the silent bidding we have some interesting objects
but Danny's here to take me there and help so I need
to go