Such a sneaky little minx....

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I am such a sneaky person. It's kind of good that most people I know don't know I'm gay 'cause that means I can get away with stuff that they probably wouldn't let me do in a million years if they knew. Take yesterday. Mz B, my Drama teacher, who I love (platonically) more than anything else in the world (next to Alex Stainback) wanted to take a picture of our class and she couldn't figure out her digital camera. So Leslie Stowe, (a cheerleader on whom I have an ENORMOUS crush) and I fiddled with it to figure it out. I got to a.)stand very close to her and b.) touch her hands. I have a weird thing with hands, I dunno why. Also, today in math we were just kind of goofing off and this girl Chastity was 'singing' and this really hot girl named Alyssa was sitting sideways in her desk. I hop up from my desk and kind of scoot up so I could sit back to back with her, claiming I wanted to talk to Marshall, a guy in our class. Instead, I was just kind of reveling in the feeling of human contact. I am a very touchy feely person and if I have no contact, I go a little nuts. So, in conclusion: people not knowing + my own sneakiness=getting away with stuff. people knowing + an incredibly homophobic enviroment=people hating or fearing me and probably unwilling to even get near me, but me also living a lie. Lovely Catch-22 I have here.


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omg i'm so with u on that. i

omg i'm so with u on that. i love like grabbing ppls hands and sitting really close to them even if i dont like them in that way. i'm a touchy feely person also. and thats one of the reasons i dont want to tell any of my friends that i'm bi...

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You know

I am like that also and no one thinks a thing about my being bi lesbian what ever the hell I am. No one thinks about it. It is there but not a issue

Don't worry you're just as sane as I am