"The Maybe Not So Great Things About Being Gay, Bi, or Somewhere In Between"

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Hey guys, I'm thinking about doing a documentary about what high-school life's really like. Not what they show on MTV with those snobby rich kids who have everything. This is the down and dirty, nitty-gritty of reality for teens of all genders and sexualities. How hard it is to come out to parents, friends and teachers. How school work sucks, all of it. If you're interested in an interview, I live in the Danville area (about an hour outside of Greensboro, three hours outside of Richmond and about an hour from Roanoke.) I am transportationally immobile, so if you want to, you're going to have to come to me, sorry. My email's pretty_wasted_girl@yahoo.com. If you live in the Piedmont or Northern North Carolina area and are interested, look me up!

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Hey that is a totally GREAT i

Hey that is a totally GREAT idea!!! Good for you... I really wish you the best of luck!! Keep us posted on this!! Have a GREAT day! Peace

what is 'normal'?

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its a shame u dont live close

its a shame u dont live closer to massachusetts because my school would be a really interesting place to set a balance in ur documentary. Its really open to gay people, im the pres of our GSA, we've got aroud 30 pple who come, but still, our families and friends make us feel outkast and different. if you're ever up here to visit our spectacularly gay state u should drop by.

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My school would also be an in

My school would also be an interesting place- although its a college... were the number 3 least accepting of homosexuality school in the united states. *sigh* there so homophobic, we have to call our GSA a "homophobia education club" because calling it a gsa would be admitting that gays exist.

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Hahahaha - homophobia educati

Hahahaha - homophobia education club. I like that. It has a nice ring. *Sarcasm*


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are you joking? homophobia ed

are you joking? homophobia education club...lmao...well i guess at least it shortens to hec.

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Doesn't something like this a

Doesn't something like this already exist and wasn't it called American High