Thunder Storms Bring Out My Inner Six Year Old

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Today, down her in "sunny" California, there was a pretty awesome thunder storm. Not the whimpy kind with only the occasional growl, oh no-this was the mother load.

It first started out as pounding rain, leaving my friend and I nothing to do but jump around in it and do a rain dance. Because we like to. But during religion class, while watching a Switchfoot music video (don't ask me why...let's say I didn't enjoy it), suddenly there was a crashing against the glass windows, the skyk turned green, and someone shouted "IT'S HAILING!"

Me, being curious and unabashed, lept up to the window to peer out at the little chunks of ice crashing down through the sky, and soon the whole class joined me. I just felt a longing to run out there, let the hail fall down on me, to become one with the storm, let its rage and power run through me. But we couldn't, even though I pleaded. Soon it stopped, and there was nothing left to stare at. Yet the awe remained in me.

I have to say, no one is going to let it go that I stood up and said, "That's neat! That's so awesome" Like I said, these things bring out my inner six year old.

But I love these moments, because sometimes I tire of having to be a serious young adult. It's great to just be able to go around in wonder like you did when you were little; that sense has never really gone away from me. And I must say, I really revel in it.

On Friday our school held our inaguration for all student government, which is based on our own United State's system. Now, I'm part of the Supreme Court, and you know, we're thought to be all serious and solemn. But when it got to our turn to say the oath, suddenly a bee (I SWEAR IT WAS! No one believes me!) started attacking me. Now, the day before my friend Rose, sitting idly in class, got stung by one. I wasn't about to take my chances with my small delicate body, so I tried to evade it. In a way that it looked like I was doing some exotic dance.

You wouldn't believe how many people came up to me afterwards.

Our moderator said to us today, "Yup, I was thinking, 'What a fine court we have to present to the school!'"

What can I say, I'm an intellectual with spunk;).