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I might be a while replying, my computer seems to be pretty virus ridden- and I can only use my PSP to get online. Unfortunetly, she's not the greatest thing for it and so I may not be able to reply to many people for a while. I'm so sorry, I'll try and get you a PM on here- as I can pretty much do that without too much battery power being wasted.

So sorry guys- but this is what comes of me being frivolous with virus checkers :(


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why don't i get emails?

just kidding
that sucks bout the computer though

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open source, gota love it

i can give you a bitdefender profesional 7.2 ISO if you need one, compleet with key gen.

its actualy realy good

or i could give you any number of unix or linx distros. then ud never have to wory bout a virus again lol

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Wow... that's like a nightmare or something.
No internet? Eep! Thank god you have your PSP.

You know what's all the rage this year?
.... Hats.