Torn between love and hate.

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I have a few problems. First of all it's hard being me in a homophobic high school
overrun by football players.

Another problem is that I have a crush on a guy who seems like a complete
mystery to me. He doesn't tell me who he is and he says that he had a gf a
while ago but left because he had problems with god. What does that mean and
what should I do?

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hmmm, thats a hard one m8

thats a tough one. do ppl kno ur gay/bi, or are you still in the closet?

ime guesing youve talked to him, but that dnt realy work to well. try and watch him, see how he reacts to differnt things/ppl/events.
try and "scope"him out.

make observations about him ant the ppl he chills with (if any) and then try aproching him.

probably not very helpfull, but its a difficult one


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Thank j00!

I'll try that.