"turning people"

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i know i already posted this but i seemed to have lost it..ANYWAY.. a couple of my friends were talking about how they've had crushes on straight people and have managed to "turn them" or make them not as straight as they once seemed. So i was just wondering if anyone has ever turned anyone and if so, how did it turn out and is it a good idea to try?

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recipie for heartbreak

Trying to turn a striaght crush is a recipie for heartbreak. There is the off chance that they already were bi or gay, and were just closeted- but the odds of that aren't great.
There is also the chance that they might only want to experiment with you. I would be afraid that they would just "give me a try" and then decide they don't like me and "go back to being straight." I would be heartbroken (or at the very least dissapointed), and they probably would be just fine.
I have a crush on a straight friend- and I wish I could turn her- but in reality, I know that I couldn't. I couldn't change her sexuality any more than I could change mine.

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Yes... messing around with a "straight" person is a recipe for disaster............. but then again we always learn the hard way ;-)

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One of my use-to-be-straight-

One of my use-to-be-straight-now-bi friends only thought she was straight until she came accross a girl that she just couldn't stand being with out so now they make the best couple because they are always happy but they won't screw you over.

I used to hate it, before I went to an all-girl-school, how all the boys I knew would say "I bet you will turn out to be a lesbian by the time of our reunion," little did they know I was already one. Heheheh Those bastards threw my desk out of a window j

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You can't turn someone gay if

You can't turn someone gay if they aren't already. Honestly. One of my female friends desperately wants to be gay, and none of her lesbian friends have been able to turn her.

However, if someone's gay and they just don't know it yet then it's EASY! They just see you and realize that it's OKAY to be gay and that gay people aren't scary or anything.


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i'll post a similar thing to what I said to the other one.

if it were true that gay people could turn straight people gay then straight people could say that they can turn gay people straight(which I know some people here might take offense to)
It's possible that you don't know what you are but whether you happen to realize what you are or not doesn't change the fact that you are what you are.

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eh i think it depends on the

eh i think it depends on the person...
I've turned one person Bi, it was because we went out for awhile and she actually found that she liked it better then being with a guy.
And my current girlfriend has turned a few people bi...but that might be because she looks alot like a hot guy, so i dunno.

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You cannot turn anyone. The

You cannot turn anyone. The only thing you can change is how the person self-identifies. A person may be bisexual but identify as straight only because the situation hasn't popped up yet. This person, after meeting the right same-sex person, may feel like they were "turned bi" because of their newfound attraction but never was their actual sexuality changed.

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Of course we "turn" people.

Of course we "turn" people. Didn't you get the memo? If you don't fill your quota of "turns" each month they take away your membership. At least thats what they told me at the Queer Recruiters office. Peace. By the way, I am being funny, no there is no Queer Recruiters office and really you can't turn people. If they went from straight to bi/gay then chances are thats how they were to begin with, they just hadn't realized it yet or were in denial. Peace yet again.

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I don't think you can turn a

I don't think you can turn a completly streight guy gay, just the clseted ones.

you are who you are

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You can't

It's not possible to "turn" anyone.
Claiming that you can is just ammo for the
religious extremist groups.

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