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Hi everyone
I just came to terms with my bisexuality a couple of weeks ago. My family already says that Im a weird girl, imagine when I tell them. So, after reading Times magazine today and finding out about decent web sites like this a decided to give it a try and see if I could make some friends. Im, kind of lonely in this little town. Anybody interested in being my e-mail buddy or pen pal let me know. Oh,and if you live in Oregon or Washinghton please let me know.

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weird girls are cool...

weird girls are cool...

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hi...^yay I just relized, tha

hi...^yay I just relized, that I was bi about 2 months ago

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If you're Yoda, shouldn't your reply be:

cool, weird girls are.


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i was in portland a few months ago.

loved it =)

and welcome =)

We were in Times ?

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outproud.org was in the Time Magazine article, when you click through to message boards on that site, it redirects you here, so that's why new users have been on a bit of an upswing lately.

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Yep' we were in Times and the

Yep' we were in Times and the article is seven pages long. It is called THE BATTLE OVER GAY TEENS. It is dated october 10 but I got it earlier because I got a subscribcion.

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Gay teens are Cool (

Gay teens are Cool


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Everyone think I'm weird too

Everyone think I'm weird too ^-^
And I'm in a little town too...
:) Don't hesitate to add me to your contacts

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actually, i read the article

actually, i read the article too and thats how i showed up here...though it was not the best article yay we did make it into time

weird girls kick ass!! never let anyone tell you otherwise

i could go for some friends too...

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Welcoem to Oasis!

If you need an email pal, my adress is sydzzzz@setzstudioszzzz.com without the z's.

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Hi! Welcome to Oasis, the peo

Hi! Welcome to Oasis, the people here are very nice and friendly (when they've had their coffee) and you're going to have a wonderful time here. If you want a penpal, my e-mail is pretty_wasted_girl@yahoo.com. Don't worry about your family, or your town, just know you have people out here who already feel for you.

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Hola and welcome. Hope you e

Hola and welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here. if you want to be email pals my email is scryland@owu.edu, if you want to be actual pen pals, e-mail me and I'll give you my physical address (well for the school year anyway). Peace.

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Hi! My email is today4u_1992@

Hi! My email is today4u_1992@sbcglobal.net, if you ever want to talk. Welcome to Oasis!

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Weirdness makes the world go

Weirdness makes the world go round. Don't worry about it, I'm the weird child too. As for the small town thing, you can always leave to bigger and better places.

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hi, i also just recently came

hi, i also just recently came to terms with being a lesbian, though some days i still feel like i'm not quite there yet. don't worry about your family, you're certainly not alone. my flipped when i became a vegetarian, so i can only imagine their reactions when i tell them i'm gay. which i don't plan on doing for a while, because i can't afford to lose their financial support. ugh. anyways, welcome! :)

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New as well!

Also new!
Recently came to terms with meing bisexual. My family *coughMYMOTHERcough* thinks I'm just trying to be different and get attention. Not the case. grrr.
Anyway, this seems like a really great site!

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Same here. Found out like 8,

Same here. Found out like 8, 9, or 10 months ago that I'm bi. Everyone thinks I'm weird enough (very philosophical which some dont understand

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Hang on just a cotten-picken' minute here!

We were in Time? I work too hard or something, I hadn't heard. Why don't people tell me these things?
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peace and equality

I'll be your e-mail buddy. check my info my e-mail should be in there.

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-=206 =-

well welcome to oasis mhuhahaha =]
im from seattle so you can hit me up sometime if u want

later days

p.s heres the ARTICLE http://www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,1112856,00.html

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I'm brand new here too! Let's see, I just told my mom about my sexuality tonight...but I've known what I am for over a year now.
I would love to chat with you any time (e-mail: pup4588@aol.com, AIM: pup4588) so just drop a line. I know what it's like to be the odd woman out, so to speak.



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i'm new too

im new as well ^.^ my e-mail is funsizepaladin@yahoo.com (i got the name from a MMORPG i play... i play Final Fantasy XI its awsome... hey do n e of u play it too XD?) i wanna make friends tooo ='( hehe... i also have yahoo messanger ... SN = email adress or funsizepaladin :D

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welcome!! you can chat me at

welcome!! you can chat me at funny_bunny0819@yahoo.com
see you around!!! :)

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Welcome! I hope you meet lots

Welcome! I hope you meet lots of fun people here. The private messaging system is useful. ^_^