Well, it's just another road on the way to the future....

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I took the ACT this morning and I hope to NEVER have to do that again! It was really long and boring. It didn't help that we could do nothing if we got done early accept sit there and stare off into space or sleep. Now sleeping is all well and good until I start to think too much. Then I start wondering about my own life and whether or not I should be doing what I am doing or even try to become a teacher (heaven forbid, someone found out I am bisexual). Well, it didn't help that I have a headache AND a cold...but I got through it. I just wonder how this is going to go and where my life will go. I can't say that I am confident but I am doing my best.

On more a more delightful note, I am almost done with the first book I am hoping to publish before the end of this year.


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thats good enough. just do yo

thats good enough. just do your best, and don't let anyone try to stop you. well, it worked for me!! ^-^


-Homer Simpson