What age group are you in?

0% (0 votes)
6% (3 votes)
67% (32 votes)
27% (13 votes)
30 +
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 48


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Now that's unfair. 11-13, 14-18, and 18-30?! I mean, I guess we should be happy we're not in the "30+, check my pulse" category (I love you, Jeff!), but Christ! For the record, honey, I am 21-25, and that's as much as you're getting out of me! 30. Fuck...
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LOL, is turning 30 someday so

LOL, is turning 30 someday so frightening? My grandad's 69 and drives his motercycle from Arizona to Canada in one day-you don't have to turn into a walking health condition:).


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This always leads to interesting conversations on my part!