What color are your eyes?

26% (10 votes)
29% (11 votes)
13% (5 votes)
26% (10 votes)
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 38


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i have dark green eyes with a

i have dark green eyes with a yellow ring around them and a streak of brown on the top. wierd i know

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My Eyes....

My eyes are Hazelicious.

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My eyes are gren and blue...

My eyes are gren and blue... they cahnge back and forth

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Ah, I love green eyes. Brown look plain on some people......but on others, brown eyes look really great, and they dazzle me.


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I have really blue eyes. But

I have really blue eyes. But my favorite line EVER in a song goes " What does she have that i dont, is it her brown eyes? I know blue eyes get boring but I will wear dark glasses all the time."


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I have blue eyes, but my ex a

I have blue eyes, but my ex amanda has like these beautiful baby blue eyes. They are sooooo pretty. Now when ever I look up at the sky or someone metions the color blue I think of her.


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my eyes are a boring light hazel brown... urgh. Yeah, and then my cousin has green eyes, and the other one has blue eyes... Where is the justice?!

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awesome word, nikodemus. my e

awesome word, nikodemus. my eyes are pure hazel