What do you think of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

Awesome movie, I've seen it many times (perhaps dressing up as well)
31% (11 votes)
Funny Movie, but sick and twisted... not one of my favorites
11% (4 votes)
I've heard of it, but never seen it
43% (15 votes)
That movie is disturbing and offensive
3% (1 vote)
The Rocky what??
11% (4 votes)
Total votes: 35


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I really want to see it, but have not.

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Oh my god, I do the time-warp

Oh my god, I do the time-warp at school in the hallway while listening to the soundtrack on my iPod.


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I don't like it. Not that it

I don't like it.
Not that it is disturbing and offensive. It's just an all around bad piece of cinema.

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i think that's kinda the appe

i think that's kinda the appeal... if it were some cinematic master piece, people wouldn't yell "castles don't have phones asshole", and throw toilet paper and toast at the screen and what not.
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I haven't seen it yet. I plan

I haven't seen it yet. I plan to though.
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ha! i loved it, thought it wa

ha! i loved it, thought it was halrious. saw it with my friends at a sleepover, and now we all just start doing the time warp at some random moment.

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Love It

I love that movie! It isn't a masterpiece, it isn't particularly well acted, directed, sung, or anything. BUT, it is soooo fun! I love the songs, I love how weird and bad and good it is! I still have to see it in a theatre! I think I'm gonna go to a midnight show this halloween!

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