When I can

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I am writing when I have time this is the only
time I have between work and school that is o.k.
for me to write. I don't have anyone looking over
my shoulder or breathing down my neck and my poor
labtop must feel left out because I haven't used it
since Saterday night. I have a paper due next friday
in my boring music class. I had a test in Law I
didn't have time to study and I feel like shit. I
had a test in French I had very little time to study
for and having two full time jobs and two part time
jobs is a pain in the ass. Jess called me yesterday
and asked if I had a credit card and here in a few
mintues I am going to call her back and ask if
she found someone who did I have the band, my sub job,
my GSA consuler, and my mentoring project and its
all taking its toll on me because I feel like I have
to much going and not enough time to finish everything.
Well I have to go I need to call Jess and see
what time I am needed to babysit.