wishing you right next to me

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maybe if i close my eyes
and wish with all my might
youll be right next to me
when i fall asleep tonight

youll touch my arm to wake me
and kiss my lips so sweet
and in the morning light
your loving eyes ill meet

well spend the day in bed
well laugh and talk and kiss
and ill be just satisified
to be there with you like this

i could spend my life
just laying there with you
not worrying about what others
think of what we do

i plan to wake up next to you
for the rest of my whole life
and kiss you when i leave for work
and love you every single night

so tonight when your laying there
so far away from me
close your eyes and wish
and right next to there ill be

ill meet you in my dreams tonight
and well laugh and play all day
and one day ill wake up and find
you there right next to me to say

"baby i love you
forever and ever amen
come and touch me now
and my heart will surely mend"


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that was amazing babe, I love

that was amazing babe, I love you so much and I can't wait till we can be together fore ver and ever amennn