Wonderful Day

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Gosh I got to spend spend spend today. I helped my dad buy an awsome new stereo for starters. Second off it turns out that the local Barns and Noble had just one copy of a book I've wanted ever since I laid eyes on it called Dream Boy. So I got that too, then while I was just looking I found, to a very surprised me, that Eoin Colfer had come out with a new Artemis Fowl book called Artemis Fowl The Opal Deception. So I just had to get that as well. naturally having spend at least thirty some dollars on books I decided that was enough for me. So off I went to Best Buy and while there I decided to get two movies that I've wanted to see for some time just never had the money to. They were only ten dollars a piece and I had a five dollar gift card so I just HAD to buy them. The movies are: Stand By Me, and KIDS. So then, after controlling myself for the most part on my spending we went back home and I decided to stop at K-mart and check out their video games. Don't ask me why cause I could of done better at the best buy. Well it turns out that I was a lucky SOB cause our K-mart had the two games that I've wanted ever since they first came out a year or so ago and they were bothe marked down! I spent seventy dollars on two games, Tales of Symphonia, and Baten Kitos, and one gamecube memory card. So then in conclusion, we got home just in time for me to set up the stereo, organize my things, check my email, and then head of straight to work from which I only got off like an hour ago. I've been sitting at the computer ever since. :)
Anywho, hope that this provides something interesting to read for someone, rather than just a journal entry that will help calm me after the extravagent day.


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Sounds like you had a real go

Sounds like you had a real good day.That is good your dad is so good to you.
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Woo! lol ur so lucky...i wish

Woo! lol ur so lucky...i wish i could just go out and buy stuff i've always wanted. Sounds like a pretty good day to me :)

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