Worried I might be attending a double funeral...

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'Cause if the service goes like my dad said it might, I'm 'a gonna get out a shotgun and go 'a huntin'. It's not that I don't like my maternal grandmother....oh wait...I know that sounds terrible, but she goes and spreads these lies about my mother knowing full well my mother was ill and wouldn't remember most of it. I mean, she's manipulative, rude and knows nothing of my mother's wishes. My dad told us that it would more than likely be showy and pretentious and all about how much my grandmother was grieving but 'holding it together.' BULLSHIT. EXRA TRIPLE DOUBLE BULLSHIT. She has no idea. I'm not trying to be rude, but I knew my mom, I knew probably almost as well as my dad knew her, and I KNOW she would not want some idiotic, flashy service that goes on forever. I swear toGod, I'm gonna fuckin' strangle the bitch if it turns out like that.


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Don't invite your grandmother

Don't invite your grandmother to the funeral then. Or ask to speak at the funeral and talk about your mother in the most personal, revealing way possible to make sure no one gets any ideas about your mom that aren't true.