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GSA meeting yesterday went pretty well. Lisa is
still having problems with her parents but they
haven't threatened to kick her out yet just they
want her to go to this church and "get help" how
stupid I mean really its not something that can be
fixed with a simple trip to a priest or something
like that and she has said she won't go because she
says she knows it won't work and for that she
is just not going and I agree she shouldn't go and
I guess in a way I feel like she is being forced to do something
she doesn't want to and I am happy she has said she
won't do it. Jessie and I have not been able to talk
she had to go to florida this morning and left on
and early flight and I miss her already. I mean
this is my best friend and I know she is coming back
but still I miss her while she is gone Danny is
in charge of keeping all sharp objects away from me
and since I am in class by myself most of the time
I miss my friends. I miss Danny and Jessie and I
don't know how I am going to go a whole month with
out either of them in Denver and to think in
a few months I will be writing this all from denver
and what is going on in my life I am so excited
and scared at the same time.