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I am not sure what to do. It's not that I am afraid... it's that, I don't know how. I mean,
the whole school already knows... thanks to my (so-called) "friends." But I am still so afraid
to be myself at school. I'm a senior and I can't find the guts or the way to be ME! I don't get
it. Never have and never will. Being gay is fully accepted at my school too. I don't understand
what my problem seems to be. God, I can't wait for College.


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I was that way too with my fa

I was that way too with my family-I was so afraid to tell my mom, who I knew was not homophobic in any way. It took me years to tell her, and she's totally accepting and supportive. Maybe if you just put yourself out there and see people will be accepting, then it'll give you the courage to be yourself.


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