A date?

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I might have a date. Someone asked me out online, and it was someone
who wasn't twice my age, and wasn't a man. In fact, it is a girl who
is my age, and who seems pretty nice. I don't really know much what
she looks like- she only posted one picture of herself. Anyway, she
is really nice (online at least). She asked me out, so we're going to try
to find a place to meet. I'm really excited, because I've never dated
before. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but I guess I'll just go
with the flow. I don't think she's had much experience either, so at least
we'll both be new at it. I hope things go well, because I really want to
have a girlfriend. I know that it is sort of petty to want a girlfriend
this much, but I do. I just hope we hit it off.


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Thats how me and my girlfrien

Thats how me and my girlfriend met. Online and then we had a blind date. :-) It was the most awesome first-date I've ever had.
Good luck to you.

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That's awesome, I hope it wor

That's awesome, I hope it works out. And it isn't pathetic to pine for a girlfriend, we all do!*sobs*


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I feel for ya!! I've dated, b

I feel for ya!! I've dated, but never a girl. I have my first girl date on Sunday.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!! It's totally ok to want a relationship. This whole thing is so new to me, but I'm totally ready to get it started, so i've been a little wanting lately too. It happens :)