Ack! Help With GSA Location Please!

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Eeek! I want to start a GSA, but a community one because I have friends that go to two different schools. BUT my dad, (even though he's still cool) has politely said no to me having it in the house and I'm not about to oppose him. So, I've been looking around for another location. I don't think I can ask another friend to have it at their house because that'd just be awkward. I was thinking about this small coffe house they have downtown, but I'm worried about a.) the noise and b.) having to pay for people's food and stuff. Can someone please help me?

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some ideas

You could try meeting in a public place like a park at first. Then you could hold it in someone else's home if you get a volunteer. You could always see if either school gym or classroom would be available. Hmm...libraries sometimes have conference rooms

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You could always meet at one

You could always meet at one of the schools, right?

Also, mayhaps theres a community center, GCC or JCC in your community? Maybe a meeting room of a library

Theres probably a lot of places for people to hold meetings in your town - ask around.