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Ok well just saying this before I go on I am bi. Ok well I really like my ex gf a lot and we broke up because she didnt know if she wanted a serious relationship at the moment so we took a break. Then like a few hours later I got a text message from her saying that she had a new girl friend... I was upset about it but she just said that it's just her finding out what she wanted. So the next day This guy asked me out and i jumped on it and went out with him but it didnt last at all since I couldnt stop thinking about her. And for that whole week we were talking on the phone for hours on end she was telling me how much she loved me and wanted to be with me and all this stuff....yet she still had a gf (shelby) a week went by with that same stuff and then shelby broke up with her...and we got back together for like 2 days then she said that she wanted to be single for now since she's been going out partying every night and she didnt wanna be high and then screw around with some one else. So i haven't talked to her like for 4 days.... and I'm glad b/c i need a break from all of this.... yet I wondering if she has lost feeling in me....I know she told me once before like a week ago that she doubts that will happen any time soon but now I am starting to Question it. I don't really know what to think or what to do but I am so in love with her... If you are able to give me advice on this situation that would be great...

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Well, I'll be blung: she's l

Well, I'll be blung: she's lost interest in you.

Note this before I go on: THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! She is the one who is messed up right now. All she is doing is playing around, picking up and dropping people left and right. SOme people are like that, they don't want a real relationship, they just want to screw around and then it's over. She doesn't deserve someone as sensitive as you are. The sooner you realize how much better than here you are, the sooner you can move on to someone who is more stable, commited and deserving of you.

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