age gap !

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Bit random but is a 6 yr age gap bad? what do ya rekon? im 17 and the lads 23 !

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Age gaps cannot be bad.

Here's a bit of false logic to sooth your mind:
* An age gap of 1 year is fine.
* An age gap of 1 year + 3 months is fine, since it's only a little bit more than 1 year.
* An age gap of 1 year + 6 months is fine, since it's only a little bit more than 1 year + 3 months.
* Since fine + "a little bit" = fine, as long as you consider 6 years to be 1 + 20 "little bits", 6 years = fine.

More seriously, as long as you're not intimidated by him, what's the problem?

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I'd be weary at the least.

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You'd be tired? Haha... Wary?


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A Mater of Maturity

There are two issues here. First is the legal one that addresses the issues related to the sexual relationship between an adult and a minor. This is different from state to state. The second has more to do with maturity. If two individuals truly understand the difference between love and lust then there may be chance that the age difference will have little if any effect on the relationship.

My partner and I have been together for for almost thirty years. There is a ten year difference between our ages. Our relationship is based on caring for each other, first and foremost. And while we do enjoy sex together it is NOT the driving force that keeps us together.

Good luck with your quest for happiness.


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it dependson the people. if y

it dependson the people. if you are in totally different places in life then its not going to work. he will end up seeing you like a kid and you seeing him as old an boring. if you are on the same wavelength its a different matter.
also 6 years is totally differentat different times - a 30 year old and 36 year old probably wouldnt have any roblems but a 12 year old and an 18 year old just wouldnt work (and also seems very wrong).

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Yeah it should be fine, just be a little careful

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Are you of legal age? If so,

Are you of legal age? If so, then there's no issue.


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If the St Helens in her profi

If the St Helens in her profile is the one that I'm thinking of, then provided the guy isn't in a position of power (Doctor, Teacher, Carer), all is well with regards to the law.

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It's fine.

I've known people who have dated older like that and it's worked out for them. So I think it's completly fine.

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My Thoughts Exactly

My man is gonna be 15 in January and I just turned 17 in October... so I dont think there's a problem with age difference. That's just my opinion, but I don't know about others.
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The only issue is that little

The only issue is that little you have to be 18 thing. Plus 6 years old is different for different ages. 23 and 17 can be very different sometimes while, is there really a difference between 46 and 52? It also depends on the people.
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I don't

I don't see a problem with it except you are under 18
I don't think there would be a problem if you where

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Personal experience


6 years works for me. I was 18 when I met my boyfriend (he was 24). We have been together 2 years going, and it really seems to work for us.

But it also helps that I always acted older than I am.

Hope this helps.


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In your boat

I'm going on date one with a woman 6 years older than me tomorrow.. I'm a little worried too. I might have a few of the same concerns as you. A.)She's in a different stage of life, so things to talk about aren't the same unless I just ask her about her past all the time. B.) Though I act mature for my age, and she's a little goofy for her age, we're still a bit apart in that respect.

I think if you can get past those couple things, and be comfortable with it, then you could be ok. In most situations, unless life or death, I say GO FOR IT! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

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i jst want2 thank ev 1 4 helpin me wiv the age gap prob, ive cum 2 c tht im mature 4 my age and tht everthings worth a try im gonna go 4 it n if it doesnt wrk at least i can say i tried.

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6 years is not a big age gap. I was with someone for 6 years who was 5 years older, he turned out to be an a@@,I am thankful I didn't marry him! I don't think age matters if you love/like someones company. My girlfriend is married to someone who is 51 and she is in her 30's and they get along great,I have never seen her so happy. She has been married before and this relationship has really made her mature and she is alot easier to get along with now. I love this guy she is with, he treats her well. Don't worry about the age difference, age is just a number.

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The Oldest you can date is tw

The Oldest you can date is twice your age, minus 7 :P

Completes of the fag in me :P

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