Am I Gay???

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I think I'm confused, maybe someone can help. I'm 20 yrs. old, grew up in a small town where no one is gay, no one at all.... anyways - my two best girlfriends and I are extremely close - we share everything. Needless to say we are not modest around eachother and being naked isnt an issue. The thing is, it sometimes excites me when we arent wearing clothes... I have to make an effort not to stare... I have a boyfriend who I enjoy immensely so I dont really think I'm gay, but I'm not sure - HELP! Can somebody PLEASE tell me if I'm weird, if its normal, if I'm bi-sexual or possibly gay... ???

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First of all, your not weird. Second, peopel are rarely completely straight or gay. Humans aren't hetero, homo, etc. Just sexual. The rest is just preference and opprotunity. You might be gay or bi. Take your time learning it. Growing up in a small, close-minded town can really be repressing. Just experiemnt a bit and trust yourself. hope this helps

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Firstly, a lot of people are gay where you are, just not openly. Secondly, you don't need a label. If u feel strong attractions, perhaps ur bi, or just curious. You'll know sooner or later. Just dont rush it..