and what would you like, sir?

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I finally cut my hair. Of course, no one at school made as big of a deal about it as I imagined-I always scare myself thinking too much about decisions. After I got my hair cut, and over break, I kept being mistaken for a guy. I get called “sir


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If it feels right go with it explor your options it'll take awhile to find out what exactly is right for you but you'll get there. It's taken me about 3 years to finaly get to the stage where i know that i'm ftm and what i wanna do in the future, So take time and think about what it all means to you.

If you wanna talk bout things or use someone as a sounding board then you'll get my MSN addy in my profile

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-- shuan

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haha. i have shoulder length

haha. i have shoulder length hair and still get mistaken as a guy alot. can't say it bothers me all that much either.
where in PA?

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Suburbs of Philly. Near Allentown and Reading.

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