another day

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Today was another boring day...
I have to go and baby st a little brat ...I dont like her
her..She is always loud and annoying .I mean i am
loud but she is a little girl with
a loud voice.I like to lay with little kids but
she is just you know a little pain.
I have to go and do my homework you all know how that is ......
so catch you all later!!
~Brian~ fell free to send me a message
at eather e-mails
Or just send it to me in a privet meassage..
Love ya !!!!LOL


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that homework

I hate homework! It's the one thing that tends to bring my day down, I'll be al like I wanna have some fun. After a retarded day in school and then I'll remember that I can't have fun cause I've still got homework to do, and then theres the whole trouble of wheather I actually do it or not :S

Its the little things that make the big things.