are my journal entries interesting? Or should I consider a new day job? LOL

27% (11 votes)
Yes but they are to long.
17% (7 votes)
Yes, but they can be confusing, or something else I haven't mentioned
24% (10 votes)
No, there just to long, and I ramble
5% (2 votes)
No because your concerns are not mine
12% (5 votes)
15% (6 votes)
Total votes: 41


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One thing to consider...

When you (or anyone) writes a poll, your name doesn't appear on the front page, so "are my journal entries..." is hard for people to randomly vote on, given that they won't know who it is referring to untl AFTER they vote (unless they click through and ht results first).

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break up the paragraphs in yo

break up the paragraphs in your juranl entrys.
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ok, there's yes and no choice

ok, there's yes and no choices to an 'or' question... i'm guessing you just want them to consider the first... and to get all the copy editing out of my system, i have to point out, it wouldn't be 'no there just to long' it'd be "no, they're just too long" they're is the contraction "they are" 'there' tells where something is located. and 'too' tells of an extreme; too long, too short, etc.

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