Backwards Regurgitating Outbursts

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Maxed-out paranoia coursing through my veins,
stomach-clenching regurgitating outbursts,
everyday troubled heart-aches and searing pains,
angst-ridden choices of picking out shirts,
(just to impress him)

Tapped into emotions and tapped out reality,
mindless self-indulgent cries for love-drunk shots,
tears of anger and cursed out rage and anguish,
rage broken out through banging of proverbial pots,

Knowing you've screwed me up leaves broken demonic stains,
conversing of confusion and leading thought trains,
happiness and depression wishing for your arms instead,
but anger that you've made me count the tears I've shed.

(I kind of wrote this without thinking after listening to
Alanis Morissette's These R The Thoughts- state your opinion)


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0_0 Marry me....please....bu

0_0 Marry me....please....but seriously, that f*cking rocks!

*My smile's wound so tight
it's breaking..
My heart's so broken
it's beyond saving...*

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very stream-of-consciousness. i like it :-) but that's not important. the important thing is: if this poem is from the heart, and you feel all that anger and sadness, did writing it make you feel any better?

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Yes it did

Yes, it did. And thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.