Breaking apart...

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My friends and I are having difficulties getting along now. I'm
not having much trouble with anyone except Dairen. Before he had
a crush on Toni, he used to hit me in the back of the head a lot
for being a dumb blond. (I'm a brunette- lol)But my other friend,
Mandy is not happy that Toni and Dairen are not getting along. She
says that Dairen is on the recieving end of anger from Toni
that he does not deserve. But Toni tells me that it's because he
keeps hitting me and follows Toni around everywhere to the point
where it's freaky. But Dairen stopped following Toni everywhere and
yet Toni keeps yelling at Dairen. I guess it's because he deserves
it for the way he's treated everybody else in the school. Oh well.
I guess it's just natural that this happens.