Breathless and Blue

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Before the light fades from these eyes, before the blue halos wither to grey
I wish you could see the world that filters through
The universe as it is to me, and the soul that hides within this hollow shell
A blazing soul of dying ether, that dwells deep within this mortal hearth
Glowing and dying, burning and fading into exalted ash
My eyes are open, but I can only stare off into distant lights
I can feel your touch, and hear your words, but Iā€™m frozen
Like the heart has suddenly become numb, my blood slowing in my veins
As my mind begins to sleep and my soul dreams
Touching astral, pushing through the invisible veils that separate the planes
Until I wake in your soft embrace
Tears spilling from these soft broken eyes, before you push the cold away
Warmth enveloping me, as our souls blaze and entwine
Ether spilling into one another in a decadent love
The dream fades and the cold fails, leaving me hollow and alone
Clasping at fleeting wisps of air that trace through azure sky
Before drawing my arms around me as you did
The light fading in blood from my eyes


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Sorry if this ruins the art but,

When I read the title I thought "well, take the bag off your head".