chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Stephanie opened her tired and heavy eyes. As she took in her surroundings, she smiled. She was laying on her left side with her hands in front of her and not so much as a foot away Joanna had fallen asleep. She remembered the night. How they had talked and Joanna had to crack some jokes for stephanie to calm down. The monopoly money around the room brought a smile to her face. She remembered how Joanna had bet one full day of attention that she could beat stephanie. Stephanie chuckled. She had one and she had one full 24 hour period today with Joanna. She looked over at the computer where Joanna and her had sat and looked up funny bumper stickers. She had learned a lot about Joanna. The most intriguing is how everyone called her joey. That’s the joey everyone was talking about. She had transferred from Berkley to take a basketball scholarship here and that first day they met she was scoping it out. Stephanie learned that Joanna had 11 brothers and sister ranging from 28 to 4. she smiled at the pictures that Joanna showed her of her 4 year old brother. He was cute and to her Joanna talk it was like he was nothing but perfect. She had this light in her amazing eyes that intrigued stephanie. It was passion, it was tenderness maybe even fierce ness. But whatever it was made stephanie’s fall into her eyes every time. She was pulled back to reality when Joanna shivered and scrunched her 6’2 body into a ball and reached and pulled stephanie close to her. Stpehanie couldn’t exsplain the heat rising throughout her. She felt safe and content there in joannas arms. She saw joanna’s eyes flutter open.
“hey you.


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Yay! update! long

Yay! update! long is it gonna take until they hook up? and how long until the next chapter is posted? cuz i have like 5 days with nothing to do...and if i'm not occupied i tend to go insane.

*Love is blind to everything you throw in its path-Race, gender, religious beliefs, and social class are just minor annoyances.*