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Hello. Yesterday, I didn't really get a chance to write in my
journal. I didn't want to stay in the library. Everything there
is now so quiet since they put up the rule where you have to have
a pre-signed pass from a teacher before you sign into the library.
Now nobody stays there and it gets so quiet, it drives me crazy.
So I just looked at my inbox and the journal entries that I wrote
the morning before yesterday to see if anybody posts. Not many
in my journal. Maybe it's too long. I can't tell. But I am writing
a story and I want to see what other people think. It may take a
while before I finally get to make a second part. My creative
process is sort of jammed. :( But lately, I have been spending time
playing the Sims and watching Dharma and Greg. It's an odd mix, isn't

So after I got out of the library, I went over to find Toni. Of
course, she was in the ceramics room. I tried to help her make a
cat head, but I could only get to the round head and the ears.
I wasn't sure about the rest. So I gave it back to Toni. But then
we decided to leave since I needed a late bus pass. So we went to
find Mrs. Wadnola because she was always willing to do stuff for
us. blah blah blah (let's fast forward to when we actually exit
the school) I went outside and Devin's little brother (Devin
is Toni's ex-boyfriend) saw me and commented on my hair saying
that he loved my sideburns and he thought my hair was cool. But
when Toni and I got out, it was just before the late bus arrived
and we got on the late bus. Now the seating arrangement was a
little close to normal yet still odd. Toni and I sat on the
3rd seat from the front on the right and Dylan (Devon's little
brother) and Kaleigh sat on the seat opposite us. (Kaleigh is
an old friend who I lost touch with until this year) So we
got to talking about random things like Dylan's ex-girlfriend,
Dylan and Mandie's feud, and more random things that I don't
remember. But I stayed silent and yet I laughed at the jokes
every now and then that Dylan managed to blurt out. It was
funny at the time but I can't really remember. (Surprise!)
Oh well. I guess that's it until I got home. When I got home,
I watched a little Dharma and Greg. It was an episode about how
Greg's Mom and Dad (Kittie and Edward Montgomery) almost get a
divorce. I started watching the part where Dharma and Kittie go
out to a sexual healing store and just happen to run into
Dharma's Mom and Dad (Abby and Larry- they not legally married)
That's when we cut to the bar where Edward and Greg's friend Pete
hit on a woman and Edward gets lucky and go's to the woman's
hotel room where they don't do anything but Edward get's
robbed by Penn from Penn and Teller and gets tied to the bed.
This is when Dharma takes the call from Edward that he needs
help and instead of helping him, she calls Kittie who goes
over to the hotel room where Kittie and Edward talk about their
marriage because Dharma figures that Edward can't run forcing
him to listen to her. That's where it ended and I went downstairs
to watch "The Best of Gilda Radner". It was somewhat funny. ONLY
somewhat funny. But her best character is Roseanne Roseannadanna.
My god that character is funny.

I guess that that's what my life is. It's one big laugh until
to stop to turn off the TV.;)