Crappy cold...

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Ugh, this sucks! I had the flu over the weekend and I assumed I was better by Monday and all that happened was I was a little hoarse. But as the day went on, I stayed hoarse. AND my teacher's a perverted asshole. But I'll get into that some other time. Being hoarse sucks. I woke up this morning and I felt like someone tried to scrub out my esophogaus (sp???) with a spiked drumstick. I can't talk, even if I wanted to my throat is so screwed up, so I'm praying that it doesn't affect my voice for the rest of my life.

Oh!!!! Also, on Monday, I told someone from math class I wrote a song, (somehow everyone in my math class knows about my crush on Lesley) and Krista (the girl) got this look and asks all funny "Is it about Lesley?" I actually got teased about something like I was a normal human being. That might not be a big deal to you, but when you feel like the biggest mutant mistake on the planet earth and someone treats you like you're not, it makes you feel pretty good about yourself.


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that it does ^^ (about the mu

that it does ^^ (about the mutant thingy :P) O_o oh and why u say that about your teacher ? lol what he do XD im interested >.> idk why im just nosy i guess

t('.' )z
I wanna hug :x!

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I like it when people treat me normal. Like I'm not
a mistake. Its good you get that.

If you let people make you into what they want
what happens to you?