damn you guys love queers!

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So I was watching Queer as Folk last night.. and then my cousin started talking to me on msn. Tell me if you think he's homophobic.. here's some of our conversation.

Cuz: Hey what are you doin?
Me: watchin queer
Cuz: Nooooo! I don't like that show
Me: haha
Cuz: Lucky your a girl, otherwise I'd bag you for it
Me: hehe it's a pretty good show
Cuz: It would be if a typical fag type Carson wasn't on it
Cuz: I hate him
Me: haha you must be thinking queer eye.. this is a little bit er different, umm dont think u should watch it
Cuz: Oh no not the sbs (the channel QAF is on) show is it?!?
Me: hahaha
Cuz: thats worse!!!!! Why do you watch it??
Me: coz it's good
Cuz: it's full of fag scenes
Me: Yeah i'm over it.. it's just a good show to watch
Cuz: Nooooo! That's coz ur a girl
Cuz: I think it's like guys like to see lezzos and vice versa for you
Me: Eew no haha, I don't watch it like its porn!
Cuz: hehehe but its almost
Me: some scenes are a bit hardcore, but it's like a drama
Cuz: guys kissing and stuff is bad enough
Me: u homophobic?
Cuz: haha maybe, some people tell me that too
Cuz: It's not rite
Me: it's not rite to discriminate?
Cuz: no but i'm not yellin fag out loud to their face
Me: But still.. you shouldn't feel hate, it's not healthy
Cuz: hehehe why?
Me: coz i wouldn't want someone thinking i'm a [instert racist term here]
Cuz: hehehe thats common tho
Me: common to be racist?
Cuz: more than fag hatred
Me: so its ok?
Cuz: umm i dunno, its up to you
Cuz: I guess it's not but thats how it is

Blah Blah Blah later...

Cuz: Hey what's your sister doin?
Me: She's watchin tv with me..
Cuz: Damn you guys love queers!
Me: hahahah

Yeah so I wasn't exactly surprised about his reaction, i was just testing him. I've grown up with him and have always looked up to him like a brother and yeah he's a great guy.. he isn't exactly the hateful type. Dunno why he hates queers so much. Do you think I could ever come out to him?


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it sounds like plain ignoranc

it sounds like plain ignorance... you might be able to come out to him eventually, he may realize, hey, not all people are the way i thought they were...

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