dead ends

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Went and bought the movie "Boys Don't Cry" today. It felt like I was buying a porno. In my head it was like: "i wonder what the guy is gonna think if i buy this movie.." "Maybe I shouldn't buy it.." "No.. I want to buy it." Made me realise that I am soooo far in the closet, it's sad.

Anyway so the movie is great, I've been wanting to buy it since after accidentally stumbling upon it while flicking channels one night. It's really upsetting what happens in the end, but I liked the love story part of it. I have a crush on both characters..

Hmm Timmy just called me.. not sober, going on about how I'm cool. How nice, well he's moving out of Melbourne next week.. god should I tell him before he leaves?? He's been so honest and nice and I've just been this closed book bitch who doesn't let him in at all.. fuck. Everything is so scary right now.


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That movie was fucking amazin

That movie was fucking amazing

"to be great is to be misunderstood"