Dear oasis

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Dear oasis.
I hate to inform you of this but I must.
Due to the resent speard of Biphobia hear on Oasis,I shall be leaveing you for awhile.
I can't stay were I am hated.

With saddness and regreat yours truly,


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See no one cares that I'm lea

See no one cares that I'm leaveing. WELL FUCK ALL OF YOU THEN!!!!
"Here's Johnny" - Jack Nickelson, The Shineing

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Will you be fucking all of us before, or after you leave? *confused face*


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I don't notice any biphobia.

I don't notice any biphobia. If you're reffering to that pole a few days ago, the overwhelming majority was accepting of bisexuality. Don't leave just because of a few people!


Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
Oscar Wilde

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.
Oscar Wilde

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It is here. it pops up every

It is here. it pops up every now&then.
"Here's Johnny" - Jack Nickelson, The Shineing

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There's biphobia? Really?

There's biphobia? Really?

"feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society." -Rush Limbaugh

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If there's biphobia here then

If there's biphobia here then I'll have to agree with you. I'll have to take off for a bit too, but jesus h. christ man! Looking at your other posts you seem to be going through hell right now. WTF do you mean no one cares? And if they don't, well fuck 'em. You don't need dick heads like that, no pun intended.

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I really don't think there is much biphobia here. I have'nt really seen much and the people who do make those comments are dickheads who leave the site soon after. If your waiting for universal popularity you are going to be here a long time, but you are not hated. I've never spoken to anyone who said they hated Quitty (or whatever you call yourself nowadays - sorry I'm not good with new names) or bi people for that matter. As devildog said I thought those poll resulots were ot biphobic. please don't leave man

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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hey!!! i think most of us her

hey!!! i think most of us here are homos...we accept you as who you are!! :)

you have to take risks...we will only understand the miracle of life fully if we allow the unexpected to happen- paulo coelho

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Please stay

Some of your posts indicate that you really like it here.
Don't let a few bad incidents ruin that for you.

I think the reason there is biphobia, homophobia and heterophobia comes from sexual orientations themselves.

For example I heard a straight person saying that they thought homosexuality was a choice because were irresistable drawn to the opposite sex.

I responded "No, that just means your hetero, it doesn't mean other people aren't, they feel the same way as you only different."

So "not understanding" someone elses sexual orientation often comes from the way people see themselves.

Some people think "I like x so everyone must" but that is not true.

When I started to fully realize my bisexuality I had the thought of "everyone is bisexual". I didn't understand how anyone could only like one. I had read things about biphobia in the gay community. Later, when I really thought about it, what I was doing was just the same. I had heard people say that bisexuals do not exist but I knew I did. I finally realised that heterosexuals and homosexuals DO also exist and that they need the same respect.

I am sometimes frustrated when a person of my affection is a straight male or a lesbian. But that's life I guess. I can't change them.

Also, we need bisexuals here to stop the biphobia. You may be familiar with the study that says people that know a gay person are more likely to support gay rights. It works the same for other things.
I once read a gay newsgroup and I saw some terribly biphobic comments. Some that stuck out were "Gays are ok but it's those damned AC/DCs." "Bi today gay tommorow" and "AC/DCs spread AIDS to straights and women".
There were no bi people in that community and, who could blame them? I didn't stick around because I didn't feel welcome.
I think that if there were bi people there they might be more considerate.

We need to understand each other.

I think overall, oasis is welcoming. There aren't many straight people here though, maybe we should do something about that.

Another example of how diversity can work is in the feminist movement. Some past waves were seen as anti-male but the current wave is working on true equality. Because of this I can call myself a feminist and feel welcome with them even though I am male.

No one is perfect and we all do or say somethings that aren't very nice.
We have to understand that sexual orientation exists. Straight men will probobly never consider dating me but that doesn't mean they hate my sexuality. Lesbians will probobly never date me but that doesn't mean they are sexist.
That's just their orientation.

I hope this makes some sense to you. (and everyone)

I know how you feel but I don't think leaving will solve the problem.

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I see where you are comeing f

I see where you are comeing from. also nice triangles.
"Here's Johnny" - Jack Nickelson, The Shineing