Didn't have time...

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Hello. Today's journal entry is for yesterday (November 3, 2005)
because I didn't get a chance to go on yesterday and I probably
won't until next monday because this is one of the only times
I get to go on until next Monday. But about yesterday...

Yesterday was actually one of those days that make you feel good.
You know. The days that feel like nothing could bring you down.
Not much happened between 1st and 2nd period but 3rd period, my
science teacher, Mrs. Wadnola, talked to me. We talked about things
like how boring Global Studies is and how much the state is
changing the entire curriculum around. She said that she loves the
teaching part but really hates to prepare for these things because
extra work must be done because the state removed the fact that
we need to study the digestive system of animals. That means that
we have extra time that we need to use up on the regular curriculum.
4th period was my English and nothing really happens in that class
out of the ordinary. And yet it never gets boring because we always
have these conversations that talk about subjects that are
considered taboo in society like drugs and homosexuality. English is
a boring topic but it doesn't get old with constant value lectures.
5th period was lunch. I usually eat with my 3 best friends, Toni,
Dairen, and Mandy. We talked about Mandy's boyfriend almost got
crushed by his math teacher's huge arse and how we can rebuild him
to be a better man. And Mandy's all "Where do I sign?"

6th period was Spanish and I have a tendency to dislike that class
because the people around me are so distracting. I'm lucky I'm able
to pass that class. 7th is Global with Mr. Cirasuolo. And one thing
that I love about this class is that I sit behind Mandy and when
something comes up that we can make fun of, we talk about it and
we don't get yelled at. But the best part about it is that my worst
enemy Jay constantly gets yelled at by Mr. Cirasuolo. It was only
yesterday that Mr. Cirasuolo told Jay that if Jay lifted up the
blinds to look outside, he would put Jay outside with his desk and
shut the windows. I LOVE THAT! 8th period is art with Ms. Nadeau.
She totally rocks because she is so calm and yet has a wild
personality all at the same time. I just finished my last art
project and now I am working on a double picture of Alanis
Morissette. And with this project, my personal project is to get
the guy sitting next to me to actually become friends with me and
maybe more because he seems like a complete mystery and if he had a
sexuality problem, he would probably be gay.
(SURPRISE [sarcastically])

Now 9th period is the surprise period. I have Math B and that is the
class where my grade is borderline. I recently got a 73 on the most
recent test and my teacher, Mrs. Morris, tells me that I'm doing
fine and that it's a tough course. But does that justify my low
grade? I don't think so! But the true fun is listening to the girl
in 2 seats ahead of me and 1 seat right talk about all sorts of
crazy things that happen. I guess my side of the classroom tends
to be the best part.

After school, I went to a "Writers' Club" meeting with my friends,
Toni and Dairen. Mandy did not show up because she tends to skip
out constantly on staying after. And here we chatted for a while
about works of art in writing. And on the bus to the place
where we transfer buses to different cities, Darien and I sat
alone and a little freshman girl pretending to be a senior bugged
the hell out of me and tried to hit on me and Darien. (No, Darien
and I are not dating. He's straight.)That was a time where stabbing
a freshman was justifiable even though I didn't get to. And when we
transfered, Toni and I talked a little while and listened to
Alanis Morissette's "You Learn" over and over again. It was fun
and we sang together. No one stopped us and it was just fun. (Now
in case you haven't noticed, Toni is a girl) We talked about our
problems and stuff and how we couldn't live without each other b/c
we are the best of friends. I don't think many people could have the
friendship we have without it going into love. And I guess that was
my day yesterday. Have fun!