Do you hate Preps?

No! Preps are great!
10% (6 votes)
Preps are cool.
21% (13 votes)
Eh, I can take them or leave them
52% (33 votes)
I hate preps 'cause my friends do
2% (1 vote)
They should be eliminated
16% (10 votes)
Total votes: 63


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define prep

define prep

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I think preppy can define a way of dressing or it can be used as an unnecessary label concerning a persons demeanor and atittude. In regards to a way of dress, I think it's fabulous, but I also like roll out of bed and walk to class in sweats and a hoodie sometimes:). If you mean as an "unnecessary label concerning a persons demeanor and atittude" I don't like it. If some one is mean or has a CRAPPY atittude... I just try not to be around them alot, but I won't label them a prep or hate them.

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I don't hate people

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I hate people based on themse

I hate people based on themselves, not their social status. As a nerd, too many times has that happened to me:P.


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preps CAN be cool, or they ca

preps CAN be cool, or they can suck, just like any other type of person

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Sorry, but

Sorry, but what's a prep? I am out of "da loop".

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Self-absorbed, no good, super

Self-absorbed, no good, superficial a$$holes.

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Labeling people is ridiculous

Labeling people is ridiculously immature and stupid. A person is just themselves no matter what they dress like.

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It is very shallow to hate someone just becasue they dress or act like a prep. Labels themselves are annoying and silly.
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im guessing "prep" is an amer

im guessing "prep" is an american word...anyone care to explain?

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prep is a label

i don´t think anybody has the right to give
someone a label.b/c how would u feel is sumone
labeled u.i hate the thing bout labels and your
separate clicks.i mean i only hang with like
gothic kids but i get along with i
don´t think anybody should be labeled.that´s my
response and if u don´t like it i´m sori.

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well, that's just silly. if

well, that's just silly.
if someone is an asshole, the way they dress isn't going to make much of a difference. individuals are exactly that, individual. labels are lame.

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Stereotypes = stupid

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i dont hate them, i dont like

i dont hate them, i dont like them...well current crush is kinda preppy but..well idk theyre ok i just hate when they pretend to be punk (damn posers)


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