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I just came back from the greatest play in the world. Evita, was a beautiful play. I cried. I bawled. I absolutely adored that play! Okay so it is about a girl named Evita from Argentina who grows up poor. She then becomes famous when she meets a famous tango dancer/singer when she is 16. She becomes a famous actor. Then breaks up with the tango dancer/singer. She then marries this soldier who becomes the President of Argentina. She soon becomes a political figure among the people. She becomes "Argentina", but then she becomes sick. Evita is diagnosed with cancer. (im not sure which), and she is about to run for Vice President. Her Husband the president persuades her not to because she is in such bad condition. She is in the hospital and cannot walk. So she gets on the radio one last time before she dies and gives a speech to Argentina over the radio where the famous line is, "Don't cry for me Argentina." and that was the poit where I cried.
No. I didn't cry. I bawled. The girl that played Evita did a stunning job. Suprisingly half the cast was lesbian/gay.

So that is now my new favorite play.