Forgot about some stuff.

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Okay, in my last journal, I was so messed up I completely forgot what I was going to write about. I even had it written down so I would forget. *rolls eyes* So, Yay!! Did my soliloquy today & Mz. B said (and I quote) "That was so good! Not an act I'd want to follow." Then she asked who wanted to go next, which cause Lesley to start shaking her head real and fast and...well, just read about it in my other journal. So happy. My friend Logan went after me and thankfully he had the same one, 'cause even though he was doing a super great job on being the evil Iago, nearly halfway through it, he kind of stops and mutters "oh, shit." Under his breath and I knew he'd gone blank, so I started mouthing the words. He saw me and was able to finish; at lunch he was like, "You so saved my ass this morning." But I love the guy, he's totally awesome. Anyway, I'm also very happy because I'm fairly certain Mz. B isn't going to get fired! Logan and I have vowed to find out who squealed on her and kill/maim the bastard. Finished Othello this week and don't have to worry about it anymore. Yay! Now we get to do comedy! Cool.

On another note, got to talk to Lesley today. I mean, *really* talk to her. I was trying to let my friend Alex see her, but we were changing classes and even though her locker's like a couple feet outside my classroom, you'd have to beat people off with a stick to see one person. He couldn't see her, so I yelled out to her so she would turn around. The bad thing is, all I could come up with on such short notice was asking her if she was doing her soliloquy tomorrow and to wish her good luck. I'm such a dork. But I'm very glad Alex was so cool about it. He can be such a pervert though, but I love him to death. Made a guy named Cody upset today b/c I told him I could be perverted about girls and that I was gay, not bi. Boys. *rolls eyes again*.

I'm thinkin' is my Uncle Steve and (soon to be) Aunt Alison come up to Richmond for Thanksgiving, I'm gonna tell them. They're really cool and open and I feel since they're like my family, they need to know. Just..not my grandparents. They're not cool and open about it. I'm just not sure how to do it. Maybe I'll wear the "shirt". Gonna have to redo it again though, it's got this weird smear effect goin' on. Also going to have to ask my dad if they're even coming.

Thanx for listening...again,