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Friday is always the worst day for working, especially after I stayed up all night on Thursday. I was so tired... and tempted to crawl into a corner and lie there for somebody to rescue me.

KennyD signed off early for shopping for some hard wood for his apartment. He paged me to get ready for a dinner party at a friend of ours and to pick up a bottle wine on the way out. I walked up to the grocery store off campus.

They refused to sell me that bottle of wine because I didn't produce them my passport. I was already late; Kenny called me he already had a bottle in his apartment phewwww otherwise we would've ended up drinking apple juice all evening.

I helped serving the potatoes and vegetable. Kenny was really funny he was playing with kitchen utensils. Jennifer the hostess told Kenny to stop messing around and hitted your "Partner" with her utensils. I was blushing and looking Kenny.

It's the first time somebody ever referred to me in that way. The word partner makes me feel a bit older and sounds really serious. Boyfriend sounds more intimate and personal.

What every body thinks about these two terms: Partner and Boyfriend?