Gay is in the Air

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Today is so weird. Everywhere I turn the topic of homosexuality comes up. At school people were talking about it, actually one friend who is a big gossiper, asked someone if I wre gay, luckily my friend told her no. When I got home on Oprah the topic was gay teens, by the way it was really good, I thought it was informative. I told my mom I joined GSA, she wasn't too happy about that, we actually got into a miny fight,sob,and then at dinner she told my dad (who already knew I was in GSA) and they want on this rant on how if I were gay it would be ok, but they just don't want me to be in GSA because of what people would think. It was a little random, they just kept mentioning that it would be ok, and asking If i was, I said no...I don't think I'm ready to tell them, but should I? Some part of me thinks they are just saying it would be ok because they think I'm not...what should I do?
On another note..actually sort in study hall me and my two good friends were saying who we liked or we thought was hot, and I felt comfortable, actually one of the friends is a guy so we had similar interests, lol. :)


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... =)

I love GSA!

"I rather be hated for who I am, than to be loved for who I am not" ~Anonymous

"Hun, it's like Wine, you're supposed to swallow it, not taste it." ~Anonymous