ghost of turkey day past

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Wierd weekends always set me off center.
Went to a friend's house with some people...two of which are crazy in love.
So the entire time me and friends are trying to hint at them (because, like idiots, they wont admit they are in love with each other- but, um, if they are sitting in a hammock, totally ignoring us, i would call that something?) to "push things forward" and etc.
-like, i told the girl that "theres a bed inside in case you want to go talk some more??"
and on and on.
so we go out for a walk in ariel's backyard and we seperate ourselves from them purposefully.
and a couple hours later we have not found them.
and it sucked.
because now the girl is banned from ariel's house (the girl being one of ariel's best friends) because she was off alone with a guy and we have no idea what the hell they were doing.
it was kind of not so fun.
and i felt horrible.
and then i found out that my best friend's mom knows im gay, has known for a long time, and so, isnt that great, i didnt think it was that obvious, maybe.
so im just feeling ickish, as well as having the feeling that i did something with some girl, who was not gay and who was just doing it so that she could like, torment me for the rest of high school?
but see, i havent had any headaches or symptoms of possible hangovers, and...
i just really (extremely) doubt anything like that happened.
but maybe it was a dream-...and i really hope that the girl behind me in english...
i really hope im not liking her.
no, not thinking about it.
on the bright side, my hair is now a very dark eggplant purple (almost blackish).
its nice.
i havent had it dark in a while.


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so y'all hinted at them to "push things forward," then got mad when they finally did? what's up with that?