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call me wut u will but i absolutly dispise this person i have never met. She's friends with a whole crapload of my friends and all that but i've yet to meet her and i'm glad. One i day i tried to figure out why i hate her so much and i realized it was because the guy i'm fricken in love with is in love with her. Dumb reason but her presance on this planet ruined everything with me and that guy.

and she is also one of those people who i find soooo ugly and i cant seem to find wut other people see in her that makes them like her.

God, i know its dumb i cant help it she just makes me want to: SERTW$%#QHT#W$%@AQEF$%@$#!!!!!!!!!


I'm also pissed because it seems like i'm always just the friend and never the girlfriend...:( i hate it