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Today was so annoying. It started off with some girls talking about how they thought a teacher was gay..but instead said dyke..which pisses me off. I corrected them, but my friends thought i should have not done that because people will think i'm gay...Ugh and my best friend sometimes doesn't say the best thing all the time. For instance we were talking and she said that she doesn't think same sex couples should get married, that it's not really marriage, and I'm jsut like "HELLO!" And she keeps questioning me, "are u sure?How can you know with out having an experience?" And i've told her again and agiain, I don't think she understands. Also, yes I know, I'm in a very frustrated class i just got by with a B, and she anounces to the class that I also got this low grade in chem...which i understand that like ok yea it was still a B and all but grr don't tell everyone. I mean my friend is really smart and A's come easy and it just annoying to always see that A paper next to you or hear her say how she didn't study at all and is gonna fail, and then gets an A. I know jealously, but come one, sometimes she just shouldn't say certain things.
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No offense babe, but she does

No offense babe, but she doesnt sound like much of a friend. You should try looking for new ones if that's how they act and treat you.

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To be blunt also, she is bein

To be blunt also, she is being really rude to you, not friend-like at all. Have you tried talking to her?

I'm sorry you're going through a rough time:(


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